Zay Flowers NIL Deal


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I am in favour of scholarships being 4 years. If the player is a 1 & Done and off to the pros, the does not get the scholarship back to use until the 4 years are up.


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The problem is that the new landscape has no rules -- the NCAA used to guarantee that these kids would keep their scholarship if they maintained their scholastic standing and did not break the rules of conduct -- you may wish to have a rule that requires that all athletes can obtain their scholarship -- but there is currently no way to enforce any rule. I also would have concerns about a rule that punished the school because the student refused to meet academic standards or did not attend classes, etc. I reiterate, I would require a guarantee from the school that I can earn my degree before it is pulled and I end up with a degree a fourth tier college.
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Yup CDB=

SCOTUS > There are no more rules

This is a pay-for-play since NCAA abused its power and where are all those billions in revenue?

Kids were cheated for decades on stipends and some even lost scholarships.

Government guaranteed student loans and tuition over 20 years or so went up 10X normal since college were no cosigned on debt and endowments soared.

I hope athletes spend more time in weight room and classrooms instead of driving fancy cars and spending cash like it's never gonna end. If that was a lease to Zay, (most likely ends when he leaves), that is fine, but if it was a gift, he should sell car and pay tax and buy stocks.

Like I said boys and girls...