Wake Forest Kickoff Time


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I really want this AP Top 25 win vs WF.

Hafley may need this for a lot of “possible” recruiting perceptions, but maybe not? Tough to call?

It would be first AP Top 25 win in 7 excruciating long years.

Hafley would end up 1-6 vs AP Top 25 after 2 years here, pulling us out of the last 11 years of Dante’s Last Rectum of Hell, instead of 0-7.

Ending the season on a high note going into a bowl game is solid.

If BC loses, 13 years and 1 win in Top 25, or 1 Win and 34 Losses, is mind blowing Disgustiad and tells you what level BC is really at, but none of this is on him. None.

We hired the right guy for the future and he is targeting upper level talent unlike previous Head Coaches.

Just win.
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