The Few The Rabid The Deranged


We need some way to recognize each other at games that relate to the school teams we are passionate about. Many years ago, a fantastic poster from Atlanta offered out shirts for football that said about Notre Dame, Take their grass, Kick their ass after they took some of our team's field sod. Wearing it that season, I met Larry, Old Bald Eagle, and others. It was fantastic to experience those moments of extra comradery.

I admit I am a BC fanatic, and I also know that I learn a ton from other thoughtful posters. There was an idea about a tailgate for us last year, but AJ said it wasn't in his budget. Ha! We must do something as time is ticking for all of us. I want an hour to banter and debate, and learn. After the game, I'm not so sure. Perhaps after victories only as I don't want others to see my cry in my beer. Please don't offer the BC boosters club which I found to be a click with leadership that was overly fond of themselves.

Over a beer, in a media parking spot where those on the premium boards are invited to gather. And we'll get in the stadium on time for that half-priced hot dog.

It can be SI-related only or not, and, we could invite other sites' premium board participants to register and be our guests. Kind of a market and poach effort. (keep that quiet please) Having multiple boards have not helped us who are excessive fans, and it has fragmented our universe of potential conversations and friends. The days are over for Eagle Action to be the only game in town. We should become the big Kahuna board and have a brand to do it. Like an Eagle, we need to be territorial. Thoughts?

Does anyone want to work with me to plan for the next football season?