The Biggest Disater in Potato Bowl History...


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BC should not have accepted that bowl bid. BC was 9-3 for the season in their 1st year in the ACC and they are sent off to Idaho. They were treated like shit by the ACC, the Potato Bowl and Boise State. The ACC has always given BC the worst bowls that they can. No wonder BC's attendance at these bowl games are so low. I hope our new AD will FIGHT hard for BC and be upfront about any ACC disrespect.


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DE, be aware that there is a sentiment and it is growing that BC does little to add to the success of the ACC. We have a reputation of not bringing 15-30K fans to bowl games -- and the ACC adopted rules with the exception of the title games -- to send us to less desirable bowls because of that reputation -- the best way to fix that is to fill up our stadium and bring a large group of fans to bowl games -- outside of our very first bowl with Flutie, BC has not traveled well -- we need to fix that .

But more importantly, folks should understand that if there is a complete realignment of the ACC to make it more competitive in Power football, BC is one of the schools (CUSE included) that need to make changes to remain in the league. This is especially true when the divisions are eliminated. BC is going to have to do much more to get that huge ACC check that give lip service. The members of the ACC were sold a message that BC and then CUSE would bring much more to the league than they would take -- so far, that hasn't been true.

And is the ACC so bad if it has consistently asked BC to improve its participation and to field competitive teams and it has not done so. Who wants to travel up to Boston to an antiquated stadium to see an average to below average ACC team -- especially when all you have to do is turn on your TV, grab some popcorn and a drink and enjoy it from the comfort of your home? Yes, we excel in hockey most years, but how many ACC teams care about hockey?

74 and I have been going back in forth about what BC will be doing to meet the challenges of NIL and the re-alignment of the Power 5 teams. I am hopeful that the powers to be at BC have recognized that the college sports landscape has changed and BC has to determine a course of action -- whether to remain competitive at that level or go down to the club football level -- and if it remains competitive what course of action is will take in terms of facilities and NIL support. I am hopeful that new AD will be hired because of his or her knowledge in these areas. I cannot speak for 74 nor am I anywhere as eloquent -- but I believe he stated that the new AD will be nothing more than a compliance officer and that BC will continue on its present plan to stay in the ACC as long it is allowed to.

I strongly believe that if BC asked its alumni for money to build a new stadium it would be overwhelmed with support.


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I think you mean “ad nauseam” redundant and boring instead of eloquent.😂

Now in retrospect, I think my “long term monumental disaster with far reaching domino effects” that I constantly warned about for weeks before BC hired Spaz,

(which was posted a month before Spaz was hired on multiple BC sports blogs),

was so further compounded in the following 7 years with Daz, that BC might have cemented it’s program so deep into Dante’s Last Rectum of Hell, that not even a spectacular Coach hire like Hafley and his upgrading recruiting and staff will be able to lift BC to being consistently highly competitive in Power 5 competition.

NB: Both these horrible Head Coaches were given mind boggling extensions with 1956 Offensives that made BC unwatchable and a National decade long embarrassment.

You now add in the new NIL paradigm world and how is Hafley and BC gonna win without what I posted or better support?

Not a chance in hell!

I have pretty much all but given up after 52 years since I know BC’s arrogant, cheap and lazy history and inept modus operandi and I believe it’s a fait accompli that Hafley will not be given the needed high level of $ support required to bring BC back to the AP Top 25 level year in and year out.

AD’s are announcing NIL cash funds, strategies and how they plan to win and get the best players. Their job 1 through 10, is now recruiting, ergo, buying talent through HS or TP via the NIL.

Like I said, BC is not hiring that type of dynamic Leader for its Athletics future. I still say it will be the hire type I posted.

The College big revenue sports world has changed to paid top talent professional college players.

Tell me what I have posted in last few months is wrong?

BC will be left at the altar with a cubic zirconium ring and there will be no diamonds in the rough since the real talent is being groomed and scouted nationally in these position camps for all major sports, especially in hoops and football.

These players will be wearing diamond bling with their NIL cash.

I am sure the other BC blogs, mostly all immature dribble content most of its posters, its writers and Admins, will tell me I am wrong, but again, they can’t, since my 20 year posting history speaks for itself and they have nothing to reference.

I’ll send you a postcard from Tibet, I am now even boring myself!
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Sadly, all my “Humble Genius” 😂😂😂😂 posts here & in the past 20 years, should had be read and seen by 50,000 BC fans!

Even more sad, thousands should be joining this great AJB site, but BC is a fragmented deal.

Time to ride off into the sunset. Only a few have really cared over the last many decades.

I know BC has never really cared about the topics we discuss here.


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Come on 74, it has been proven time infinitum that 1% of a population can change the world. Time to prophet up.


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Come on 74, it has been proven time infinitum that 1% of a population can change the world. Time to prophet up.
I prophet’ed up today long and boring on a few threads & the past few months.

There is no congregation, I am just blowing in the wind like a lost tumbleweed.

I got nothing left. BC will not be competitive in the new Paradigm.

Maybe Men’s hockey and no revenue Women’s Lax.