Seismic Change in Women's Lacrosse


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BC has lead a seismic change in women's Lacrosse. Charlotte North has spearheaded this change. She has become a poster girl of women's sports. She even do a over-the-shoulder backhand shot as the first pitch at a major league baseball game.

BC started having all their home games at their football stadium. Watching the Championship game, it was obvious with the standing-room only crowd circling the field that they needed a bigger stadium.

The excitement at the Championship games, the fans with organized cheers, the BC yellow shirts, I even heard For Boston being played after some scores.

For the first time, the championship game was on ESPN. The ESPN announcers kept saying how the excitement of the game exceeded the pre-game hype.

The Championship game showcased how athletic the women are and playing a face-paced, aggressive game without helmets or pads. Constant action with no stoppage except after a goal or penalty. Both teams left everything out on the field.

Might I add that I will be at the UNC game at Chapel Hill next year and hopefully I get a couple of yellow BC Lacrosse shirts (XL) for the game!
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DE, Did you notice that Gatorade is ending it commercials on the NFL to focus on women's college sports. Gatorade says that women's college sports is the fasting growing sporting venues and its commercial money is better spent there, especially considering the age of those participating and watching women's sports. More evidence that BC would be wise to implement all of your suggestions.