Reason for Concern?


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Had Thanksgiving Dinner with my brother-in-law who is a avid Wake fan. I was surprised about how concerned he is about today's game given the the records of the two schools and the outbreak of the flu at BC. He told me that Wake is stoked for the game as it decides if they will play for the ACC championship. Like many, I am staying away from predictions given the health of BC and its recent defensive struggles. Wake offense works best against over-reactive defenses. This year BC is not known for getting to the passer early, so perhaps that weakness will help us against Wake. The RPO is different than most who may use misdirection to open holes, Wake's QB and running backs simply wait to read the defense after the play begins and will either hand off after a pause if a hole opens up or pass if the receivers are open. It is very discouraging to the defenses that believe they are bottling up a play and then give up a long run or pass -- BC must have a disciplined D and respect their duties or Wake will be off to the races. If we can slow that down and if Phil and corp have a great game, this could be fun --- otherwise it will not be pretty. Go Eagles.