Professional Boston Sports Teams


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I am always very curious to hear what people think about the 4 major Boston teams because I find most people have a different list.
My favorites to least favorites go:
1. Red Sox
2. Bruins
3. Celts
4. Patriots

JJ Galanty

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This is like asking which of my kids I love the most but here goes:
1) Patriots
2) Red Sox
3) Bruins
4) Celts
The Patriots are #1 because when BC was terrible they always had a few BC guys on the team. The Sox are 2nd - Ted, Tony C, Big Papi & many others. The Bruins are always good but I don't like the little guy and that drops them to 3rd. The Celts of 10-30 years ago would easily be #1 with Russell, Satch KC, Sam and the Cous but the current team, not so much.