New Happening in the World News about the :Pandemic


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This post is not intended to be political. Based on the recent posting concerning cancellations and postponements due to the Corona Virus, I thought they might be informative. I take no side, but always have believed each person can decide what is best for him or her and their families. The ND and Georgetown posts I thought might help us in recruiting.

FINANCIAL AID SCANDAL A new lawsuit charges that 16 prestigious universities, including Georgetown and Notre Dame, still give preferential admission to children of wealthy donors and make other decisions based on prospective students' finances and family wealth

The NCAA last week released its new COVID-19 guidance for winter sports. The guidance still included COVID-19 vaccination requirements, but also contained a surprising development: It recognized natural immunity from previous COVID-19 infections as providing protection equivalent to a vaccine. “Individuals within 90 days of a documented COVID-19 infection fall within the equivalent of ‘fully vaccinated,’” the guidance stated.

Should people treat COVID like the flu? “Europe is slowly starting to think so,” according to a new CNBC report. Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez of Spain recently called on the EU to debate the possibility of treating the virus as an endemic illness, like the flu, instead of as a pandemic. “I think we have to evaluate the evolution of Covid to an endemic illness, from the pandemic we have faced up until now,” he said, adding that it was time to reappraise COVID “at the technical level and at the level of health professionals, but also at the European level.”


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Just came back from Europe...
For traveling reasons they ask you to show a proof of vaccination and negative rapid test within 24 hrs.
But if you show you had Covid in Past 90 Days you are in the clear.
90% of Italians are vaccinated, yet a few local CDC offices decided to postpone matches where even asymptomatic players tested positive..
Luckily the league immediately sued the CDC's and judge agreed and prevented them from blocking future games.
Hope the NCAA will follow and will take a stand against this destructive outreach by some agencies!
Unfortunately you will NEVER eliminate all diseases... it's time to live again...