My BC Visionary Strategic Plan. Your Better Ideas and Thoughts Appreciated!


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I wish you were on the committee who is selecting or new AD (of course the choice would be "if chosen I will not serve, JANEBC), but I really hope the consultant is not Gene D's firm. BC used to have fight song called "Sweep Down the Field for Boston -- it was originally written to oppose ND's fight song -- it rallied all BC men to fight for BC. I can post the words of the first stanza if anyone cares -- but it was played and sung at all BC games and the fans knew all the words. It was almost as popular as "For Boston." It called for many of the values you promote. I wish they would reinstate the song and follow your advice -- but . . .


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Yes, we need to Fight for the Maroon and Gold and our opponent is the BC Administration. Alumni was moved to the Lower Campus as that was going to be the Athletic Fields section of the campus. McHugh Forum, Conte Forum, Shea Field, Flynn Recreational Complex, Yawkey Center and the Fish Field House were all built on the Lower Campus. This grand design should be honored and not taken away. BC has the funding from all their ACC Revenue. Let's build a new football stadium! And build one that reflects BC's determination to Excel.

Let us, "FIGHT, FIGHT, FIGHT, FIGHT, FIGHT, FIGHT for the Maroon & Gold!"
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As JaneofLaws74, and many others some who post here, can readily affirm. I am without a doubt from 350K+ posts and tweets over 20 years, BC's most hated and disliked blogger.

Here is why:

This, even after my National Sports Scoop on 12-06-06 from an NC State guy in the know who laughed and loved my Eagle Insider posts that TOB was headed to Coach there and I humiliated stooges Blaudshun and Farrell who were pathetic lackeys for TOB and other sad BC sports reporters as well as ESPN, ABC, CBS etc.

Then 3 days before, I tweeted 20X and posted Jim Christian was the new BC Hoops Coach and was deleted and banned by another BC site and then smeared by a now BC house stooge posting diarrhea like a pathetic Baghdad Bob and another phony lying BC blog guy.

I wrote a long posted and tweeted deal for SI BC that "Content King AJB" started, that Daz would no longer be dazzling for BC in October 2019 and that clown was fired a few weeks later.

I have deleted every Tweet I ever made due to selective censorship like BC Blogs had and still have now, but over 14,000 views saw that a few hours after Daz was fired

I predicted Jeff Hafley would be our new Head Coach
. That raised a few eyebrows at Yawkey, which is something I never posted. LMAO!

These calls were all in fun and it was truly a blast, especially the joy that TOB was gone and the Hafley pick!

BC's Athletic Dept, Administration, sports blog alums and fans hate the Truth and your self appointed Minister of Truth is at the very top of that hate list.

This is why I am going on sabbatical to Tibet and getting in touch with my new identity and inner self.
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74, you, without a doubt, bleed maroon and gold. Schools like Notre Dame and the state universities all realize that they will quickly sink into the quicksand of unimportance without success on the gridiron — especially since Covid when students were taking courses on line and lived at home. ND is located in one the least attractive cities in the US but they have a beautiful campus and try to involve as much of the student population in the support of athletics. Almost everyone attends home football games and they also have a tremendous backing from subway alumni (those who never went there) — I can remember without enough shame I would walk into bars when I was still a student and start singing the ND fight song and almost always someone would buy me a beer. But ND KNOWS HOW IMPORTANT ATHLETICS ARE TO ITS SUCCESS AS A COLLEGE. Right now many state and affiliated colleges are struggling to fill their classrooms. They rely on successful teams to help them do so. But when an 18 year old kid sees that he can make 6 figures driving a truck or eventually own a multi-million dollar plumbing or electrical or any of the trades, many are not choosing the high cost of college. Yet, at this time admissions are up at BC.

So, a successful prophet has to sell to his audience. And right now this audience does not see the need for the product. I suggest you adjust your sales plan to show our admin and Trustees why this program is necessary in the vision on motto of BC — how it will help educate more students and raise the status academically rather than focusing on how they should do it.
All BC folks are intelligent and, if the message is clear and responds so it changes preconceptions, that sales plan should work. Remember, a missed sale is never the fault of the buyer. And you have a gift of logic, of complete study and research, and a vision most of us do not.


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I’ll have to find the old post from way back on that sales pitch.

To be honest, even if I had $1B, BC would had rejected the Retractable Dome/ Arena plan surrounded by high rise dorms and a food court plaza.
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They can reject anything they want, but what it comes down is what they can deny -- and they cannot deny that over the past 20 years or so, their academic rating has gone from 30 - 36 -- that one a 20% decrease -- arguments need to be tied into improving the academic rating -- our trustees and president do not see any correlation between the two.


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They can reject anything they want, but what it comes down is what they can deny -- and they cannot deny that over the past 20 years or so, their academic rating has gone from 30 - 36 -- that one a 20% decrease -- arguments need to be tied into improving the academic rating -- our trustees and president do not see any correlation between the two.
Too much emphasis on the Woke Agenda will decrease academic standing.


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Endowment erased all "sins" all in changing from a Jesuit Catholic University to now a much different student and demographic base and curriculum, to whatever you want to describe it is as now, which was not the clear intent of the founding fathers in 1863.
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You asked for it and eventually I'll delete so here ya go!


This was consolidated from hundreds of posts but not much was changed. I deleted estimated costs from 20 years ago and some is redundant.
I hope to see BC build a huge Retractable Dome on the St. John's land or better on the lower campus where Alumni is, seating 75K-85K and use it as the centerpiece for a new vision for the Eagles. BC is the greatest University in the Galaxy but has no VISION!

We really have no other choice since Alumni Stadium so obsolete and outdated and not worth renovation and we have no indoor practice facility for any sports or proper baseball venue.

Building an all venue solving, even added Arena +1 for Basketball and Hockey Retractable Dome will serve BC well for decades and be a destination spot and the envy of all Universities!

Surround that Dome with huge sky high dorms with some floors multi-purpose with lighted archways connected to the Dome, all year restaurants with a huge plaza food court and a new tiered trolley station for fans!

Here is my Vision:

Use the huge endowment (2003 Total) and build a Retractable Dome, seating maybe 75K/85K, with 4 tiered huge luxury boxes, maybe 200-250 boxes, with maybe a hinged roofed end to spread open up for a baseball center field and diamond.

1-Retractable for clear 10/20 degree days for a nice Miami or FSU November visit. BC controls the field conditions. Maybe get some matching funds from federal state and city for jobs and allow high school games and championship usage for funding grants.

2>Naming rights. (Now in 2022 $ maybe a $30M a year price.)

3>Surrounded by 4 tall high rise two person or single occupancy dorms with cool lighted arched walkways to Dome. Different restaurants on every level leading to surrounding food court plaza, (Tailgating option made easy with tables and choices!) and merchant spaces!

4>Inside the dome: Luxury boxes that double as virtual high-tech rentable suites and at least 200-250 state-of-art teaching classroom and meeting centers and a media center palace.

6>Concerts and Boxing Matches.
7>Basketball games versus Duke and UNC
8>NCAA Final Fours
9>Hockey Final Frozen Fours
10>BC graduation events
11>Speakers and big groupings and Conventions
12>Democratic and Republican National Conventions
13>Bowl Games and NCAA BCS Rotation Bowl games and big Non-Conference Games Super Bowls!
14>ACC Championships
15>ADD Men's Lacrosse!
16>NCAA Track Championships.
17>NCAA Lacrosse Championships.
18 >Red Sox Yankee 3 game exhibition in dome before season starts.
19>Red Sox vs BC exhibitions.
20>Recreation area.
21>College mixers.
22>Rental usage for BU, Harvard, and surrounding colleges. Harvard wants a new facility, and they have $24.6 BILLION! (That was 2003, now $55B). Let them rent it, put in retractable grass pod fields like Arizona with a big H!
23>Future Papal and Catholic Masses.
24>Office space rentals for BC's PR, and Administration and others!
25>Summer hotel space.
26>Huge new parking structure.
28>Tailgating and plush dining areas.
29>Day care centers for BC students with kids.
30>Day office rental suites for self-employed.
31>Re-training center for BC graduates and out placement services.
32>A huge deep cavern storage are and cellar for me to live like the guys 20 floors below Grand Central Station for the last 30 years.
33>World Cup Soccer.
34>Pig Riding, they ride wild boars in Arkansas and Texas.
35>Rodeos. Just like the Fort Worth Stockyards
36>Monster Trucks.
37>Evangelism Crusades...Look at the new C21 magazine and the BC professor on Evangelism.
38>Motorcycle Races.
39>Huge new BC PR and Sports Publicity center!
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I agree that Alumni Stadium REMAINS Obsolete & Outdated. I am not a lover of INDOOR Football Games. Football to me is a game to be played outdoors. So, I'm not in favor of a dome or retractable roof. Or trying to be the "ENVY of all Universities. We have TD North and Gillette for the big games and events. I'm more concerned about the needs for BC. The Yawkey Center has given us some of the auxiliary facilities needed for the sports teams.

I would be happy with a 50K/60Kseat stadium, IF BC shows that it can fill Alumni this year. We have 4 games that should be in the 40,000 +. BigTen-Rutgers, Louisville, Clemson and Syracuse. If Jurkovek is healthy, BC should be putting on quite an offensive show that will attract many football fans. Let's see what happens. Of course, we saw the last 2 years that injuries expose BC's lack of depth and lead to major disappointments.

I agree that we still need a large parking garages on the Lower Campus.

My dream is that we have a William Flynn Plaza on the Lower Campus with restaurants and recreation areas.

As for a hotel. The grounds of St. John's and Pine Manor campuses have nice grounds for a luxury hotel along the lines of Duke's Washington Duke Inn.

1. So we bulldoze the Mods.
2. Rip UP BC's 10 year plan and give the Lower Campus back to Athletics.
3. We Build a new State-of-the-Art TBD Stadium.
4. Tear down Alumni.
5. Build William Flynn Plaza with restaurants, recreational areas and large parking garages. The centerpiece of the plaza should be a Massive Attacking Eagle surrounded by statues of BC athletic stars. Lets start with Flutie, York, North and William Flynn.
6. In the plaza also have a multi-story BC Sports History Museum, Theatre and a large Sports Publicity Center.

How's my Vision?


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74 and DE, I have read both of your excellent proposals for athletics at Boston College -- you are both visionaries and should be congratulated for using your outstanding talent to present those plans to us.

But here's the problem. What we think doesn't matter. What matters is what the President and Board of Trustees think. So let's review their position they have shown us. They want BC to become a superior academic school that is extremely difficult to attend. Just as very few folks at Harvard care if their teams win or lose -- if their athletic facilities are state of the art -- no -- they look for the tradition of fields and stadiums that no longer have survivors who were there when they opened. BC has paid some attention to athletics -- probably a lot more than Harvard has -- but the President and Board believe they have done enough and are very proud of their master plan. And they have raised money to implement that plan. Those in power generally see us as athletic fanatics who want BC to win the national championship in every sport no matter what the cost. They think that with the recent improvements and projects begun, Sports at BC is getting adequate attention.

DE wants to build a new hotel on campus that if further away than the Marriott-owned property in Cleveland Circle. Why? 74's plan shows how BC can become the dominant Catholic college for athletics and IMPLIES that doing so will increase academic standing, but offers no proof or arguments to base that on. So, my question to both of you and this is not criticism, but a question from someone who is a fan of both of you and recognizes that you are two of the most influential posters on this board -- How Do Get the Trustees and President to change their minds -- what are the major points that will show them how important successful football, basketball, etc. teams are to the success of BC as a school.


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In my old age, I dream a lot. It's hard sometimes to distinguish between dreams and reality. My recent comments were definitely dreams!

There's a reason why they have not changed the name of Alumni Stadium. The message is "If you want it, then show us YOUR Money". Every year at the end of the football season, the Bubble goes up. There is no plans for improvements to Alumni. And we wonder why the last 2 ADs left so quickly?

That being said. The most important factor is winning games and having sellouts. Let's hope for a BIG season in football. A revival of the good old days in BC Basketball and a continuing the success of Jerry York's legacy.

Hopefully, some day we'll get a new president that comes from a Jesuit university that has had athletic success and believes in the importance of a strong athletic program.