More on Outsiders View of BC Football in 2022


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AJ had a great pod cast today about the odds of BC winning the ACC (I think he said the odds were 40-1). I was happy to see those Vegas odds as there was a very negative story on ESPN last week. Although the author didn't pick BC to finish 13th, the article mentioned BC as the 13th ACC team with comments about having to rebuild the offensive line and not a mention of our QB or great wide receiver. Knowing that Heather D is the head college football writer and seeing that story was frustrating, because of how optimistic many of us our this upcoming year.

So, it was really refreshing to hear more positive vibes this morning on Packer and Durham -- although they didn't predict that BC would have a banner year, they were hoping that Phil and Zay will have outstanding years. They believe it very possible that as many as 6 ACC QBs can have banner years -- years worthy of national recognition. They said that the ACC is hoping this will happen so that high school kids (especially QB's and Receivers will see the ACC as the conference to go to if you want to develop into an NFL QB). They finished by saying that most of the teams have opening games or two or three where it will become apparent whether these QB's will live up to their hype. No one mentioned Clemson has having one of these QBs. Interesting times . . .