In Grosel we trust , for now


Why Grosel moved the ball last series:

He was in the shot gun.
No play action.
No taking snap under center with 5 or 7 step drop back.
Clemson playing deep in prevent defense.

At least DG kept them in the game.
NO he didn't .
BC DEFENSE kept them in the game.

Clemson defense showed the roadmap to stop BC. Blitz the hell out of them. DG can't process fast enough. Holds on to ball too long. That forces BC into the shot gun and limits their game plan.

When Haf was asked if the use of the Tight Ends was planned for Clemson he said " No, that Dennis was just making his check downs" . Hummm ?
Just my opinion but I don't see DG reading the field. Finding the open man. Processong the information. Releasing the ball quickly. Checking down. He seems to throw to one specific receiver whether open or not.

Grosel said the opposite. Gospel said we know we had an advantage with our TEs.

Tuesdays and Wednesdays are the the days they implement the game plan. If you were at Weds practice all you would have seen is the offense working the Tight Ends.

Going forward does DG sit in the shotgun. More screens, slants etc ? More Passes to Levy out of backfield ?

No more stretching the field.

People say DG knows the playbook better than everyone. But they want to change the playbook to accommodate DG's strengths. (Whatever those are. Anyone know?). I think it's more to avoid his weaknesses. What's left ?

All spring and fall camp BC developed a game plan to stretch the field vertically and horizontally. BC offense is now limited, thus much easier to defend.

You can send some wide outs down field as decoys but how soon do the defenses adjust to that.

It's not just the lack of arm for deep routes.
DG hesitates on the short routes or screen passes.
This lessens the opportunity for yards after the catch and increases the chance a receiver gets injured.

Some accuse me of blaming the coaches for playing DG. Where do they get that from. I (and you) have no idea who gives BC the best chances to win. But to not even consider options would be negligent.

At Sundays presser one writer asked about player competition and if that competition still exist in the quarterback room. That's a nice way of saying DG sucks , is their anybody else ? Hafley , naturally stood behind DG.
Even if you plan on considering other QB options you don't advertise it.

Many say the other backups are too raw to start. How do they know ? Only Haf and Cig know for sure.

DG will play against NC state but I bet you see others taking snaps in practice "in case DG gets injured or you know".
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