FSU would be 0-12 without Def End Transfers. BC work the Portal


Hafley will have a great team as his recruiting sucess continues.

However in he meantime with the new flexibility of the Transfer Portal (no 1 year wait) he can turn it around next year.
Florida State would be 0 - 12 this year if not for the Transfer Portal Defensive Ends.

BC could have the top ACC quarterback next year when (if) Jurkovec returns. With our returning starters and solid underclassmen it's a winning combination . A good season starts with a good QB1.
Its a great opportunitty to fill the gaps with transfers.

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Between 2016 and 2020 Florida State averaged out as the top 15 recruiting classes for those years. Boston College average 48 schools lower. I am just as frustrated as all of the BC fans at the way we lost this game, but I am not ready to trade in my tickets because of it. Take a hard look at Florida State -- so much talent and not in great condition (there is no way a team should be out of condition this time of year) -- beat up BC in the first half and couldn't keep it up in the second half. We made coaching mistakes -- not denying that -- but we have a top 25 class coming in and it appears that Hafley is a very strong recruiter. We have already seen what he did with great athletes on defense at Ohio State. I am willing to wait for him to do it here.


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Agree, DoubleEagle, but Hafley was left with recruits rated in the high sixties. We can develop them up only so far. He has a top 25 class coming in and should follow it up with more of the same. But no one will ever accuse his players of not being in great condition, as they can with with Fl. State. Miami is the school that was known for drafting convicts, not Fl State, but many of their kids would not qualify academically for BC -- nor do they come anywhere near to graduating their athletes as BC does. To me the key isn't when we get the kids Fl State recruits. It's landing those kids that are now choosing schools like Notre Dame over BC. When they used to come here, we beat ND something like 7 years in a row. Many on this site cannot understand why Hafley cannot coach these kids up -- I think he may have already over-achieved. My point was that from 2016 - 2020 are average recruiting class landed us in the very high sixties -- certainly more like many non-Power 5 schools. When our linemen failed to block, folks say they are hurt. When a wide receiver drops a pass over the middle because he is getting hit hard by the opposition, we blame the QB -- when our D fails to stop other team we blame the coaches. My friend who used to be an NFL scout has been telling me that there are not many players on this team that the scouts cannot wait to graduate or leave early for. Let's give coach a chance to install his program with his players. Perhaps we are blessed that Hafley will not win 10 games this year, because of all the high profile teams that have fired coaches, he would probably received a really good offer to leave.


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Agree, Philly, but remember that John Wooden was a 500% coach before he recruited Alcindor and became the Wizard of Westwood -- so was John thompson before Ewing. DAZ should have been gone by Jarmin, but he reduced the talent greatly the last few years. If we didn't schedule three cupcake a year there is no way we go bowling in any of those years this year. Yes, coaching needs to improve, but so does recruiting and fan support and somehow to get the cooperation of local town authorities to allow us to have a more reasonable tail-gating experience. If the record continues into the future, we will have to do something, but I really believe it is too early to sound the alarm for a new coaching staff.