Five star question


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Folks forget that almost 1/2 of 5 stars do not pan out. Key is find kids with athleticism and coach them up. Saban has the highest record of success but he is known as one of the best teachers of techniques -- particularly for linemen, of all coaches. I watched a video of him teaching blocking and defensive line technique and was amazed at techniques he taught that I had never been taught. Since BC is never going to get the five stars we never have to commiserate about the ones we landed who did not work out and can cheer on players like Penny mentioned above. I love the fact that BC is getting Texas kids to commit. Folks may not know that many of the Texas high schools have 2,000 plus boys and to make those teams is almost like making all-county in many high schools. And, in order to make these teams, these kids play together all year round in various leagues, so, even if they are not as talented as a 5 star, they really have tons of experience in technique and can make very positive contributions to any program they join. Understand, I am NOT saying they are more talented, but many are much more experienced and for a program like BC, this can be hidden gold.
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