College Football Playoff's ESPN contract expires after '23 season


The plan for a 12 team playoff has been on the table since last June.
An approval vote was supposed to have taken place before todays Georgia v Alabama Championship Game.

Vote was cancelled. Because of cancelled vote it looks like new CFP format will be put off from '23 to '26.

There is a great deal of disagreement over the terms contained in the proposal.

I'm told one of the most contentious points is the limit on the number of teams from any one conference . As you probably guessed the SEC Conference objected to a limit .

Best to go slow . This and other current issues will determine the future of all men's and women's college sports.

Can you imagine the size $$$ of this next contract. The last March Madness contract was over $10.8' Billion .

Congress needs to jump in, This is BIG business going to non-profit institutions of which many receive federal funds. Non-profits paying football coaches up to $10 million / year. Need to level the 0aying field.
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A projected $1.9 Billion a year for TV rights ?

Quote from another article:

" The CFP proposed a 12-team format in June that wouldn’t go into effect until at least the 2026-27 season, when ESPN’s broadcasting deal ends. An eight-team format has also been considered.

A 12-team model could bring in a projected $1.9 billion annually for TV rights but would need to be approved by all 11 conference commissioners. "

The article says 12 team playoff projected $1.9 Billion in TV rights ? How do they come up with that ?

These new numbers $ are going to o lead to substantial head coach salary inflation.
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