Coach Carousel: Jim Harbaugh ? Ryan Day ?


Michigan's Jim Harbaugh wants back in the NFL .
This year.

NFL Chicago Bears want Ohio State's Ryan Day
Does Day want the NFL ?
After a disappointing experience with Trubinsky the Bears want to make sure they develop 2021 quarterback draft Justine fields. Who better than Ryan Day.

NFL regular season over today. Firings start tomorrow Black Monday.

Day will stay. Maybe. But when Ohio State is losing players in the Portal to Alabama's Saban he has to ask himself . . . . is the writing on the wall ?

Harbaugh probably has something lined up.

If so who are the next replacement Candidates up for consideration ?

The NCAA better change the rules before College football is ruined.
It might be too late.

Answer: 8 playoff teams. Only ONE team from each conference. 3 wild cards. Maximum 2 teams from same conference.
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The NHL already essentially killed The NCAA Ice Hockey programs..

Day tried in the NFL but just like Saban, Meyer, Spurrier, Chip Kelly and many others… he bombed…

So he would be wise to stay in place…