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I believe GA Tech is now favored to beat us, but certainly not ND and GA. I think AJ said that Tech was 3-6, so it would not appear that they will get bowl eligible as they would have to beat ND and the best team (so far) in college football. The changes in who is favored seems to be based on a belief that our QB is not anywhere near back to normal.


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So here's my revised projections after today.

It looks Wake will win the Atlantic Division unless they lose to Clemson and BC.
The Pitt-Virginia game will decide the Coastal.

So here is goes!

PITT 7-1 10-2

NC State 6-2 9-3
Clemson 6-2 9-3
Wake Forest 6-2 9-3

BC 4-4 8-4

Miami 5-3 7-5
Virginia 5-3 7-5

So here's my new predictions on the bowls:

Clemson - Peach
Pitt - Fiesta
Wake Forest - Gator
NC State - Sun
Miami - Cheez-It
Virginia - Mayo
BC - Holiday (vs UCLA)

At 7-5, Military Bowl in Annapolis.

6-6 a ride on The T.


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I liked AJ's Locked-On discussion on the bowl games.

As for BC's Options, I look at the Opposing Conferences in each bowl.

Gasparilla - SEC or American
Sun and Holiday - Pac12
Pinstripe - Big10
Mayo - SEC
Cheeze - Big 12
1st Responder - Big12 or American
Military and Fenway - American

I personally would like to see a game against the SEC , Pac12 or Big10.

I'd love to see an SEC game in the Gasparilla or Mayo. The Gasp game is in Tampa before Christmas.

I also like the Pac12 games in the Sun or Holiday. I prefer San Diego over El Paso.

I would not like a Pinstripe Game in windy, icy, raw and cold Yankee Stadium. But it is another chance at a Big10 school.

Of course, I'll be home watching the game in Sunny Southport, NC!
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So who do we root for this weekend?

I'm looking at the teams on the bubble to get bowl-qualified.

BC, Wake, NC State, Clemson, Pitt and UVA have qualified.

Louisville (5-5) - Duke & Kentucky - Beat Duke & they have 6 wins
Syracuse (5-5) - NC State & Pitt. - Doesn't look good for Cuse.
Miami (5-5) - V-Tech & Duke. - Duke will give them 6, so root for Miami over V-Tech.
V-Tech (5-5)) - Miami & UVA - Root for Miami and UVA.
UNC (5-5) - Wofford & NC State - Go Wofford & NC State!
FSU (4-6) - BC & Florida - Go BC!

If all goes as planned, Cuse, V-Tech and FSU don't qualify.
Louisville (6-6), Miami (7-5), and UNC (6-6) qualify.

Now, BC at 8-4 should get a better bowl than these 3. But I can see Miami getting a better one as they will be 5-3 in the ACC.
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Some pundits have us going to the Military Bowl against Houston. I really don't see much difference in any of these minor cold weather bowls.


Mitch goes through the bowls and gives his thoughts.

Mitch does a great job with his writeups (and on the pod). In this article, though, I would've liked to hear more about why he thinks we'll go to Annapolis. At 6-6 or even 7-5, I think it's going to be very tough to escape the Fenway Bowl. You know the organizers are going to want to boost attendance in their first season and make their presence felt locally and so BC is the obvious choice (although I still doubt they get more than 20,000 fans even with BC in the game). I think the school and the ACC will work hard in the future so that BC won't return to this game more than about every fourth season, even in years when we're 6-6-- assuming the bowl lasts more than a couple years-- but with the bowl trying to get on its feet in its first year, and the conference purporting to want to help its bowl partner, the opportunity to place the local team in the game is going to be too much to pass up.


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Most current bowl projections from Mitch….

It's the last weekend of regular season college football, and @MitchellTWolfe has his complete bowl projections. Check them out below