Boston College Release About Coach Hafley


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Wow. I love this guy. He is the complete package for BC. I hope we do whatever is necessary to keep him here for many years. it was interesting to hear that he was involved with BC years ago.
Luke Fickell is doing us a Huge favor by sailing so high with the University of Cincinnati.

Hafley is trying to do the same with Boston College and can now show kids that you can be in a smaller program and still get all of the recognition PLUS an amazing education at the same time.

clue is.. as Hafley mentioned, that the school must keep backing up the program in the correct way!
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Not only does he come off as a genuinely great guy, but what he says give you hope that (as long as BC gives him the support he wants) he'll be here a long time.

Thanks for posting this-- I would have missed it otherwise and it's a worthwhile watch.
Hafley is 5-7 in the ACC. Let’s not anoint him yet (but the program does look to generally be going in the right direction based on recruiting.) After Saturdays disappointment, it seems BC will continue to be BC until further notice.