2023 NFL Draft


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Would love for this to turn out like another Joe Flacco story…

Tyler Palko blocked him at Pittsburg so he transferred to Delaware and the rest is history…

The idea of having an ND under appreciated player come to BC and become an NFL star has me extra excited


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I wold love it to turn out to be another Flutie story. And we all know that QB's are always rated high because of their impact on the pro game. But ratings come and go -- and it depends so much on coaching -- Burrow couldn't make the grade at Ohio State -- yet is the best at LSU -- Rattler was last year's pick and he is left OK and is USC (Carolina) -- so who knows -- but if Phil cn stay healthy -- and our line can block better than last year -- he has a chance.

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For Phil to be selected in the first round of the 2023 NFL Draft, he will need proof that he is as good as advertised, meaning he will need to lead his team to at least a ten-win season, be named a first team All-American and a finalist for the Headman.

And, winning the ACC Championship is just as important if not more important to reach the QB Round 1 level.