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    Quality of recruits

    Seems like we are getting alot of supposedly 3 star commits who have 4 star athleticism. I like it. Coach them up! Besides, outside the 5 stars, I am not a big believer in the star system.
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    My BC Visionary Strategic Plan. Your Better Ideas and Thoughts Appreciated!

    CDB, agree with and respect everything you just said.
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    My BC Visionary Strategic Plan. Your Better Ideas and Thoughts Appreciated!

    I hear you CDB but without any guardrails what can schools do to remain competive? Why won't the biggest paycheck win?
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    My BC Visionary Strategic Plan. Your Better Ideas and Thoughts Appreciated!

    I agree that we wouldn't walk away from the ACC and pay a huge exit fee. I just think that schools like BC will become so uncompetitive that the conference will break up as Clemson and Florida State leave for a new big Boys conference. CDB, you make a very interesting point about the NFL. We...
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    My BC Visionary Strategic Plan. Your Better Ideas and Thoughts Appreciated!

    Major college sports as I knew is gone forever. Count me out for 2 reasons. Number one, we will never be competitive in coming up with NIL money to compete at the highest level. Major state schools where college sports is king (Hello Alabama, Louisiana, Texas, Georgia etc) will always be able...
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    Transfer Portal News

    I was confused as well
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    Alumni Stadium Renovation Plans

    Great idea!! 👍
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    Changes Coming to ACC Scheduling

    Syracuse, Miami and Pitt. They are teams we have the most history with.
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    Zay Flowers

    I am depressed by the whole way the landscape of college football is changing. I don't know how it will turn out. But today I am celebrating the great character shown by Zay. There was obviously a big price to be paid for staying true to his values. Lots of people talk a great game until they...
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    Transfer Portal News and Updates

    CDB, I like everything you just said. I guess I am just a cynic though. I am not sure there will ever be a balance between education and NIL's. I think we could at BC but not in the SEC. They will just field teams of semi-pro athletes paid with 7 figure NIL deals.
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    Transfer Portal News and Updates

    Got you CDB. Pulling a scholarship is just one more step toward making it a job. At what point will it become obvious that players have just become employees?
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    Transfer Portal News and Updates

    A BC degree will never be more important to most kids than getting hired for $1MM+ through an NIL deal.
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    Alumni Stadium

    DE, we can wish all we want. It is not going to happen. We (older alums) have to realize that middle campus is no longer in the middle of BC's campus. Lower campus is now in the middle. The master plan reflects that fact. Lower campus will be redesigned appropriately. It will never be...
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    Jay Wright

    Great article today in the Philadelphia Inquirer on a class act. Sounds like he wants no part of the future of college sports…NIL, one and done etc
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    Alumni Stadium

    Even without building parking we still don't have room to move the stadium given the master plan. We need to focus on a major rebuild of Alumni right where it is. I am all in favor of building a stadium with much more attractive features to improve the fan experience. Not sure we need more...
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    Alumni Stadium

    Guys - building parking lots and a new stadium where the Plex and the mods were is never going to happen. Take a look at BC's master plan. The vision is to create a quadrangle where the grass currently is on the old Plex site. The new recreation center will anchor one end. A new "University...
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    Over/Under for Zion in the draft

    Need 10 characters to post: 27
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    ESPN's release of its Football Power Index (FPI) projections

    Way to early to make an assessment about Morehead. I am not at all surprised he had the deer in the headlights look in the very limited action he saw last year. Very few Fluties in world. Does he have talent? Is he coachable? We'll see.
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    Zay Flowers NIL Deal

    Gasson, I get that. My point is the result is the same. Give it 5 years and college football will be unrecognizable. Don't expect us to compete with what SEC boosters can pay. Right now, the transfer portal is filled with kids who want more playing time. In 5 years, it will be stars lured...
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    Zay Flowers NIL Deal

    Good for Zay. A big payday, but where does it end? Boosters from big programs can essentially hire the talent their school needs. I know there is a distinction between boosters paying players and schools paying them. But, I am not sure it is a distinction with a difference. Why not just let...