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    Quality of recruits

    Seems like we are getting alot of supposedly 3 star commits who have 4 star athleticism. I like it. Coach them up! Besides, outside the 5 stars, I am not a big believer in the star system.
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    Over/Under for Zion in the draft

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    Tyler Vrabel

    Any single scouting report or evaluation is only one person's opinion. However, the scouting report just posted on Tyler Vrabel, if accurate, raises a significant concern about our Oline coaching. The report makes him sound like a physically talented player with lousy technique. Shouldn't...
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    BC Guy

    I encourage you to go to and listen to Bryce Steele's post practice interview. This is the type of person that epitomizes what a BC guy is. A freshman, yet so poised and genuine. Sounds like he is 30 years old.
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    Passing game

    * Jurkovec was clearly not himself, but why he relied on the deep throw was perplexing. The junior quarterback only attempted 11 throws, of which 7 went 15+ yards and he only completed one of those passes. On the afternoon, Jurkovec only tried ONE pass from 5-14 yards. BC has to figure out...
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    No excuse, but...

    34 players had the flu this week
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    I believe we lose Grant Carlson next year. I don't see another punter on the roster. Does anyone know if we have a punter in the recruiting class?
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    Status of Jurkovec

    Any news on Jurkovec’s status? Earlier today, coach said that he should know more from the doctors by 1:30PM.