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  1. Bobson

    Zackery Plays Swiss Army Knife for the Eagles

    While Jaden Zackery is at the beginning of his college career, the 6-foot 2-inch freshman from Salem, Wisconsin, is already an ace of many skills for the Boston College Men's basketball team. It often takes first-year students some time to get acclimated to the college game and college life...
  2. Bobson

    Boston College vs. URI Talk

    Losses hurt but I like that they did put up a 14-2 run and the two players that led it. It can be said that URI kept hitting their shots but stronger defense is needed to keep them from getting their shots. Defense is so reliant on players working together it will take time to gain a sense of...
  3. Bobson

    5 Star Kicker : Liam Connor commits to BC

    Great news! When you watched the Missouri kicker during that game you sensed we need to up the position on kickoffs.
  4. Bobson

    Tradition Ideas

    The goal post was split up into little pieces and taken back to Boston. I have an authenticated piece I purchased years ago. Not sure what we could do with that. Ideas?
  5. Bobson

    Boston College vs. URI Talk

    I noted a dramatic change in defensive posture during this game compared to the first. In this game the defense was often flat-footed, they rarely challenged their man and gave their man too much room when they didn't have the ball. In the first game, they were moving their feet a lot more and...
  6. Bobson

    BC Bulletin tailgate?

    Imagine the fun we would have arguing with each other. ;)
  7. Bobson

    BC Bulletin tailgate?

    I know they have and are doing that, I have heard it is done with a silent buyer to get it done. It might end up that all tailgating needs to happen in Brighton as they need some type of permission around tailgating hours and the relationship with Newton disintegrated with the Land Court case...
  8. Bobson

    BC Bulletin tailgate?

    That would be cool. Even if you had a remote recording or broadcast ability, we could bring the beer and gather around and watch.
  9. Bobson

    Tradition Ideas

    What traditions has BC had in the past to revisit for the future? What new traditions make sense? Which ones can have an “awe” factor that is worth seeing? It’s so easy to criticize without being constructive so Here are my ideas here for comment. Fire away! 1. The bell ringing a half-hour...
  10. Bobson

    Traditions What Traditions?

    It seems unfair for you to decide what is right or wrong on a forum. And why do you make a personal statement about someone you don't know? Are you somehow related to Angry Ty or HMS? :) You don't and shouldn't. It would be great to hear something constructive rather than it is our fate and...
  11. Bobson

    Traditions What Traditions?

    Sorry folks. I actually did that purposefully because I figured if someone follows basketball they probably follow football too. My mistake. Thanks for moving it AJ.
  12. Bobson

    Traditions What Traditions?

    As a BC fan, watching other college football games at well-known venues on TV can leave us wanting. That is because BC has few traditions, has not stuck with new ones it starts, and gives fans no sights and sounds to experience to motivate getting into the stadium on time to greet the players...
  13. Bobson

    Building Chemistry

    In building the new brand of Eagles you wonder about “chemistry” along with basketball Xs and Os. Last night, in a thirty-point victory over Holy Cross it rang true with one minute left in the game and the team up by close to thirty. The starting five finished and replacements continued a foot...
  14. Bobson

    Eagles Came to Play Defense

    Game Time Temperature: 55 degrees Cover: Scattered Fans The intensity of coach Earl Grant in his first game as Boston College Coach was noted before tipoff. His team gathered around him and he continually gesture with his arms and hands skyward, urging them on, repeating, and building towards...
  15. Bobson

    Time to Build

    The noise around basketball right now is deafeningly quiet. No recruits commitments for '22. It feels uneasy, like 'come on get up and go.' How to go about rebuilding a basketball program is beyond my knowledge in many ways. But the way you go about it is really important. Any thoughts on what...
  16. Bobson

    Ranking Phil Jurkovec

    The rhythm shortcomings will likely take care of themselves. As a new quarterback, with a new coach and obviously new plays and methods if I was the coach I'd say last year, just worry about learning the plays and the reads rather than focus on timing fundamentals. That takes repetition and your...
  17. Bobson


    Hi Everyone. Go Eagles!
  18. Bobson

    SOAR is really facinating. In how it will play and what it will do. Hope to see your views soon...

    SOAR is really facinating. In how it will play and what it will do. Hope to see your views soon. Bobson